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I believe Style has no boundaries, explore Unique Aesthetics, Colors, Bold Prints with us. Our hope is to give your style a little more edge, each piece will be limited in quantity. I hope you have a great shopping experience as you shop, I look forward to serving you. drop me a line to tell me what I'm doing right or what I can improve on.
As a kid raised in the '80s in Lagos, Nigeria upcycling was a deeply rooted tradition in most middle and upper-middle-class families. Every garment was cherished and every piece lasted more than we hoped. We were simply not so wasteful and everything was less disposable as everyone had much lesser money to spend. It was a good time for our Earth. All processes of our chain are ethical, we are continuously exploring the use of more sustainable fabrics, it is important for us to ensure that any international fabric supplier/manufacturer we use has ethical values at the forefront of their business.We work to review all factory audits in order to ensure workers are paid a fair wage and work in a safe environment by verifying all factories are rated high.Exnative measures success by more than just sales and profits, we place equal value on financial growth, human wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.
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