• 4 Trends for Summer

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    4 Trends For Summer

    Summer has finally arrived and it’s the perfect pivoting point to update your wardrobe. Unsure of what key pieces to purchase to stay up to date in the style stakes? Here is our indispensable guide of the 4 trends currently inspiring fashion designers in New York, London, Milan and Paris and tips on how to get the look.

    All Aboard

    Perpetually in fashion, this season, marina inspired collections are a lavish celebration of the nautical trends most iconic looks, all reinvented for a new era. Drawing inspiration from both cruise collections and resort fashion, bellowing blouses and predominate hardware ensure nautical is 2017’s calling. Take a slow boat down the French Rivera to an era of nostalgia, when the traveling experience was as important as the destination.

    Shop the look with Seun Blouse, the perfect balance between structure and drape for a look worthy of the Captain’s table.

    Straight out of Africa

    Stay loyal to your tribe with a collection that sweeps right from the edges of the African jungle through to the desert. This trend opens up access to a traditional African village where fabrics are rich and sentimental. The look is a celebration of tropical flora and fauna, where the perennial jungle theme is given a more traditional twist - with each pattern and color working to encapsulate motifs, poems, landmarks, history and proverbs.

    Shop the look with the African inspired Bidemi dress, style that merges perfect African print and gives it a new contemporary significance.

    The New Boho

    In a modern era, technology replaces foot travel as a means to source new inspirations and textures, encapsulating fast-moving universal trends and influences. This makes us nostalgic and the New Boho trend stays loyal to the rejection of bourgeois values by containing to be non-conformist. Dreamy and gentle uique fashion collections are formed through a romantic yet defiant approach to print and pattern clashing.

    A healthy appreciation for, and loving appropriation of, world cultures is also pivotal, in a new approach that makes for a thoroughly digital and contemporary collection.

    Shop the look with the Daria dress, a totally modern dress with old-school bohemian sensibilities.

    Groovy Baby

    Take a time machine back to the ‘60s, a time when kindness was cool and contention was diverted. During this strive for peace, both the hippie and the Mod uniform provided identity and a connection to those with a similar mind-set.  Think psychedelia and a foray into relaxed modesty that could not be believed by those rooted in the previous decade.

    Today, designers continue to be inspired by changing politics, religion, and freedom which is expressed in daring shapes that offer provocative and modern liberation.

    Shop the look with the Wande dress, the perfect blend of retro chic and modern styling. 

    And there you go, 4 key trends which can be easily obtained with just 4 key pieces from the international designers behind the Exnative collection







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  • How it all began...

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    ‘Wow, where did you get that dress?’ ‘Who made your shoes?’ ‘How can I find a handbag like that?’ I get questions like that nearly every day and my answers almost always surprise people—Nigeria. I am a Nigerian-born, New York-living, life-loving fashion insider. I’ve been working in the business for some time now and I’ve come to realize that there is a significant gap in the grassroots international fashion market. Fashion is global; fashion is border-less; fashion should have no boundaries. But try telling that to a fashion designer in Nigeria or Zimbabwe or Pakistan—they will tell you that it can be really difficult to market a fashion line outside of your own country and get it into the hands of international customers. And that’s where my new online fashion enterprise ‘Exnative’ comes into play.   


    I’ve decided to take the leap to creating my own website and online business for curating, sourcing and selling distinctive, ready-to-wear fashion lines from up-and-coming international fashion designers. Exnative will be launching fashion lines from several new and fresh, as well as experienced and established designers from Nigeria who have innovative and exciting pieces to share and sell. Rather than go the bricks and mortar route, we’re doing everything online to streamline the sourcing and selling process. Since I am Nigerian, I’m starting there, but it is my goal to have a truly multinational cadre of fashion lines on the Exnative website as soon as possible.


    If you are an international designer looking for the right niche for marketing and selling your clothes to a Global Market starting with the US and UK market then Exnative just might be a seamlessly perfect fit. I know that there are many promising African, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and numerous other designers out there that want their brands to be seen and bought by people around the world, but they just don’t have a platform for their products. Let Exnative be that forum.


    I love colour and fit and form and function and above all, gorgeously designed and crafted pieces. It is my passion to highlight the beauty and diversity of fashion found throughout the world, to open up the eyes of buyers around the globe to the wealth of creativity that exists outside of the traditional fashion markets we’re normally limited to buying from. If you are a fashion consumer looking for more for your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to branch out and buy beyond your normal borders—buy your next dress from a International designer—you will be certain to stand out and stop people in their tracks asking you where you bought it. If you are an international designer with a streetwear or evening wear or shoe collection, but you just don’t know where you are going to find clients for your uniquely global pieces, contact Exnative. I assure you that I have the expertise, experience, interest and passion to help you sell your clothes to clients who will absolutely, irrevocably covet them.




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